Meet The Team

Lenny Gervasio

Broker Owner

A film school graduate and entrepreneur, Mr. Gervasio understands that creativity and ingenuity work hand in hand no matter what type of business you're in. It takes more than just an ordinary REALTOR to understand our fickle market and in today's day and age, winning is all that matters. Equally as important to Mr. Gervasio is trust. He's worked hard for a trusted few throughout his lucrative career and now, with hopes of creating an everlasting brand in Paradigm, aspires to convey the same work ethic to agents and clients all over the world.

Stephany Menge

Sales Manager & TC

Nicole Gilbert

Property Management Department

Being a Vegas resident of now 5 years, Nicole has come from the East coast to the desert to create a career and life of her own. She’s been licensed for three and a half years now focusing on property management and transaction coordinating. Her family owned a property management company of their own in Pittsburgh, PA where she learned the ins and outs of real estate for about 10 years. When asked why she got into the industry she said, “My parents started me out young. At 16 I was knocking on doors on the first of every month to make sure rent was collected or if a house needed shown I was there doing it – I did it all.” Before pursuing her RE career, she studied at Indiana University of PA for two years studying Pre-law & English, later acknowledging real estate is where she strives the most and will continue to do so. Welcome to the Pride!

4270 S. Decatur Blvd., #B1-B Las Vegas NV United States 89103

Phone: (702) 783-7736